Selasa, 31 Agustus 2010

Smart Talk

Buat Teman-Teman Semua,
Barangkali bermimpi untuk bekerja di Timur Tengah?
Ada sebuah seminar yang akan diselenggarakan di Cilegon pada tanggal 25 September 2010, yang mungkin akan menjadi jalan untuk meraih mimpi anda.
Seminar ini akan dibawakan oleh teman-teman yang pernah dan sedang bekerja di Timur Tengah.
Yang mungkin menjadi menarik buat kita adalah salah satu PJTKI besar di Indonesia yaitu, Gunamandiri Paripurna juga akan hadir dalam seminar tersebut, begitu juga salah satu perusahaan besar di UAE yaitu Abu Dhabi Polymers Co. Ltd. (Borouge) juga menjadi sponsor seminar ini.
Dapatkan trik-triknya untuk menjadi bagian dari Komunitas masyarakat Indonesia di Timur Tengah.

Tujuan Smart Talk Work Shop:
1. Memberikan informasi dan edukasi kepada tenaga kerja di Cilegon dan Serang yang ingin menjadi tenaga kerja professional ke Timur Tengah.
2. Menumbuhkan minat untuk menjadi tenaga kerja professional yang berkarir di Timur Tengah
3. Memberikan gambaran tentang peluang-peluang lapangan kerja dan kehidupan sosial di Timur Tengah.
4. Mendukung program Anti Human Trafficking dengan ikut membantu dan mendukung pengiriman Tenaga
5. Kerja yang mempunyai skill's dan professional di bidangnya.

1. Heri Susyanto (Borouge) & Asrul Iman (BASF) - Glance of Middle East
2. Joko Priatmoko (Borouge Innovation Centre) - Middle East Gas & Petrochemical Project Now & Future
3. Ery Irwansyah (BOROUGE) - Ke-HR-an di Middle East
4. Lukman Hakim (BP TANGGUH)
5. Made Mariana K (BOROUGE) - Menjadi Profesional yang tangguh & Mampu Bersaing.
6. Ashrul Iskandar (BOROUGE) - Class Room for Case Exercise (Teknik Membuat CV dan Adab Wawancara).

Tempat & Tanggal Pelaksanaan :
Hotel Permata Cilegon
Tanggal : 25 September 2010
Jam : 08:00 - 16:30

Biaya :
Rp. 150.000,-/person sudah termasuk Coffee break, dan makan siang,

Pendaftaran :
Dewi Ayu Wulandari

Senin, 19 Juli 2010



Jasa transportasi Cilegon - Bandara (PP) dan kemanapun tujuannya.

Alamat: Jl. Alamanda Kuning No. 35 Bukit Palem Cilegon.
Telp.: 0254-340834, 081324232007, 087771030605, 087880602852.
Kami siap melayani 24 jam sehari, 7 hari seminggu.

Terima kasih kepada teman-teman dari Middle East (Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Saudi, Kuwait, dll.) atas kepercayaannya terhadap ALFANN TRAVEL dan telah booking untuk dijemput di Bandara.
Kepada temen-temen yang lain yang belum dan akan booking silahkan melalui FB/Inbox, Email, SMS atau Telp.

Senin, 27 Juli 2009

Insurance Agent as a Career

In this economic downturn, there are many jobs gone, many people jobless, yet there are many people in Indonesia shun away from job offer as insurance agent. It is ironic as demand from insurance companies are still there, they are recruiting.

Common reasons for people not to choose this job amongst others are:

Because an insurance agent earns mainly from commission without basic salary.
Because many people do not feel comfortable with direct selling, face to face persuasion.
For the new agent (Financial Adviser) it will make them broken when no one closing sale was made after they meet more than tens people

Below are some facts and information about an insurance agent (also referred as Financial Advisor):

The Work
An FA develops and manages relationships with retail/mass market clients. FAs will determine the clients’ risk profiles, understanding each unique individuals' needs, and provide recommendation on the most suitable financial products.

For Financial Advicers, extended hours are not uncommon, as they have to fit the potential clients' time for meetings. Some extra hours may also be needed to handle administrative matters, or conduct weekend sales road shows.

Working as insurance agent is not as simple as selling insurance policies. Current array of insurance products are more and more complex as many of them also tied to investment instruments. A FA typically requires a Degree, Diploma or other relevant professional qualifications e.g. the Certified Financial Advisor (CFA).

As an FA gains more experience, he can aspire to manage clients with larger sums to invest (e.g. by progressing to become a Unit Manager), specialize in a product (e.g. pension and retirement planning). Some may move laterally into a complementary area of work (e.g. product structuring, compliance) and yet others may consider launching their own businesses as independent financial advisers.

Other important skills:
• Possess strong communication and listening skills
• Have the ability to network and establish relationships with clients
• Possess persuasiveness, determination and tenacity
• Possess self-motivation and organisational skills
• Have high levels of numeracy
• Be attentive to details
• Have a target-driven mindset
• Have confidence and the resilience to cope with setbacks and to survive difficult circumstances

A considerable portion of an FA’s pay will depend on the commissions or bonuses earned on meeting and exceeding sale targets, most of them even earn from commissions only. The levels of commissions and bonuses vary according to the employer.

So really, open up your mind...go find out more about a career in Finanical Advisor. Regardless of your decision to join or not, what you will then have is another option you can take on when needed, a backup just in case things don't turn out well for you. If you're looking for job security, look for one that you don't have to rely on someone else to give it to you. Or take it away from you. I think financial planning fits that perfectly. People always look for the safer option. Fixed salary means job security, or so it seems. That's very shallow, isn't it? I hope this economic downturn has enlightened some of these people. The only job security in this world is when your job isn't given by someone and it cannot be taken away by another person. As long as you're at the mercy of someone (your superior), your so-called job security is a mirage.

Whatever is written above is definitely true and is being experienced by our fellow associates. Currently we are exercising our recruitment activities for Financial Advisor. Anyone out there who might be interested of knowing about what kind of future you can have as a Financial Planner, you can communicate with us through our email or my mobile number.


Prudential Unit Manager

Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

GULF FVacancy - ARABI Petrochemical Company Ltd (Saudi Arabia)

GULF FARABI Petrochemical Company Ltd (Saudi Arabia) - Field / Panel Operator, Electrical / Mechanical / Instrument Technician

Gulf Farabi Petrochemical Company Ltd. is one of the largest petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia located at Al-Jubail Industrial City, is seeking of eligible candidates for the following positions.

Company provides Accommodation allowance, Transportation allowance, Medical care. One month Annual vacation with Air ticket to the point of origin.

Field Operator

Diploma in petrochemicals or equivalent.
5 to 7 years of operating experience preferably in petrochemical / Refinery plant.
Experience of plant start-up and shutdown activities.
Should have good knowledge about operation of high pressure and high capacity reciprocating / screw compressors, fired heaters, high capacity / pressure pumps, tankage handling etc.
Good knowledge about safety systems, fire fighting systems, MSDS etc.
Panel Operator

Diploma in petrochemicals or equivalent.
5 to 10 years of operating experience work preferably in petrochemical plants.
Experience of plant start-up and shutdown activities operations from the panel.
Should have good knowledge about basic instrumentation needed for plant operation, interlock systems, troubleshooting, emergency handling, report generation etc.
Good knowledge about safety systems, fire fighting systems etc.
Electrical Technician

Graduate or Diploma in Electrical.
5 to 10 years of maintenance work experience preferably in large scale industries.
Operation and Maintenance of HT / LT Electrical equipments like switchgear, transformer, MCC and Motors.
Maintenance of UPS, Battery charger and Batteries.
HT/ LT cable glanding and termination.
Knowledge of using trouble shooting instruments like Meggar, Multi meter and Clamp on meter.
Mechanical Technician

Diploma or equivalent degree in Mechanical.
5 to 10 years experience in petrochemical plants or refinery.
Should have good practical knowledge in maintenance of Rotary and Static Equipments.
Excellent skill in dismantling, assembling and trouble shooting of rotary equipments like pumps, compressors, fans, blowers etc.
Instrument Technician

ITI or Diploma (instrument discipline).
5 to 10 years of maintenance work experience preferably in Petrochemical or refinery.
Trouble shooting/ installation and maintenance of electronics transmitters, control valves, radar level transmitter, RTD, Thermocouples, analyzer and other field instruments.
Trouble shooting of DCS preferably Yokogawa Centum 3000 R3 and ESD systems.
Trouble shooting of loop wiring and its termination.
Experience in wiring termination and its drawings.

All Candidates should have good spoken and written communication skill in English and working knowledge of computers is essential.
Minimum ages is 21 years old.
Please send complete CV and recent photograph immediately, not longer than May 25, 2008 to email: or send to address: PT Bina Kerja Cemerlang, Jl. Raya Pondok Gede No. 18R, Jakarta 13810, attention: Recruitment Dept. by putting the position you apply.

Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

Vacancies available in TAKREER - REFINERY

Below current vacancies available in TAKREER - REFINERY:

Takreer Refinery (Refinery/UAE), minimum 5 overall experience

Other Requirement:
PLEASE SEND YOUR RESUME/CV TO THE BELLOW EMAIL ADDRESS: We have vacancies for aur above client whom experiences in refinery. Interview will be conduct in Jakarta as soon as selected candidates informed by our client. ONLY selected candidates will be informed.

These are the vacancies available:

1 Assistant Shift Supervisor.

2. Catalyst Pilot Operator.

3. Contracts Engineer.

4. Cost Control Engineer.

5. Development Engineer.

6. Environment Engineer.

7. Fire Day Supervisor.

8. Fire Shift Supervisor.

9. Instrument Supervisor.

10. Mechanical Supervisor

11. Operator (Jetty).

12. Operator (P&U)

13. Planner.

14. Process Engineer.

15. Project Engineer.

16. Reliability Cost Engineer.

17. Safety Engineer.

18. Safety Env. & Fire Dept. Manager.

19. Sr. Lab Chemist.

20. Sr. Lab Technician.

21. Sr. Operation Engineer.

22. Sr. Process Engineer.

23. Sr. Process Modeling S. Leader.

24. Sr. Quality Engineer.

25. Sr. Safety Engineer.

26. Technical Services Manager.

27. Training Instructor (Mechanical).

28. Training Section Head.

29. TRC Manager.

Warmest Regards,




Sekole Gratis

Wulan kien lagi usim ulangan karo ujian. Artine wis arep musim manjing pendaftaran murid baru. Usime wong tue paleng mikiraken biaye anak sekole. Untunge saiki mah ane program sekole gartis alias ore bayar. Sing asale biaye manjing sekole iku jut-jutan, saiki mah tinggal atusan ewu. Lake bayaran wulanan maning, diganti karo BOS. Ore wedhi ti pelototi bapak atawe ibu guru kerane durung bayar buku paket. Wong pak wali wis siap ngejewer kepale sekole sing gurune maksakaken murid kudu tuku buku paket. Lumayan rade enteng. Terus maksude sekole gratis iku ape? Ore bayar segale-galene? Lamun sekolane kudu numpang ojeg depet, bise gratis? Iku masalahe….biaye genah sekole iku dudu bayaran manjing karo wulanan doang. Senajan ore kudu tuku buku paket, tapi nulise nganggo deluang karo petelot atawe pulpen, sing kudhu tuku.. Durung maning seragam karo sepatu. Mending bengen jaman wong tue kite mah ngenggo sabak, sing bise tiapusi maning. Terus lunge sekolane nonggoni gerobag atawe krete sing liwat, lamun sekarone lake mlaku bae…Dadi sebenere mah sekole gratis kuen ore gratis..tiss....tiss...tetep wong tue mah kudu metu biaye. Lamun sing ore due kesanggupan genah tetukune peripen? Kayane mah kudhu siap-siap ngerintis sekolahan genah wong dhuafa sing bener-bener gratis...tiss.tiss….tiss….

:clingak-clinguk glati donatur:.

Loker PT Krakatau Engineering

PT Krakatau Engineering was founded on October 12, 1988 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero). PT Krakatau Engineering serves and conducts either government or private projects in form of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract basis, industrial maintenance and also in consultancy service (Engineering, study and Project Management).


Sarjana S1 Teknik Sipil
Fresh Graduate (0-1 year experience)
Minimal menguasai SAP (Structure Analysis Program) atau Auto CAD 2D
Menguasai bahasa Inggris lisan/tulisan
Laki-laki, maksimal 27 tahun

Syarat umum:

Menguasai MS Office
Bersedia ditempatkan di proyek PT. KE di Cilegon
Bersedia menjadi karyawan kontrak

Kirim lamaran, CV, foto, ijazah, transkrip, dan sertifikat yang mendukung,

serta cantumkan gaji yang diinginkan ke: